Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Kate Bosworth’s Handbag Mystery Solved!

Kate Bosworth was traipsing all over the globe, teasing us with an unidentified handbag the last few months. She’s been seen at movie premiers, shopping, running errands and everything in between with a taupey-muaveish colored leather bag with gold hardware and a distinguishing decorative feature on the front. While it’s an interesting purse and it fits Kate’s style quite well, it’s not a bag that I would personally choose for myself. However, simply for the fact that none of my purse-obsessed friends have been able to identify it and I could not find any information on it after exhaustive search, I became obsessed with Kate’s bag. Finally, after calling and emailing multiple retailers and designers, I have located it!

Kate has been driving us mad with the Chloe Paraty Shoulder Bag. I’m told it will be released this coming season in 3 or 4 different colors, including a grass green and a chocolate, and will be available at Chloe as well as through a few large retailers. offers it on pre-order for €1,195, so expect the stateside retailers to affix a sticker of about $2,400!

Photo from PopSugar

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