Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mischa Barton, the Handbag Designer


Apart from an appearance at the Costume institute Gala and the Cannes film festivals, where she missed her own premiere for her upcoming movie, ‘You and I’. Mischa Barton has been keeping things pretty low key. Apparently, Mischa moved to Paris to get away from it all. Which of course roughly translates to: away from the paparazzis! Well, a break from the limelight and constant scrutinization must be good for Mischa! She’s been working on some new movies.. and SURPRISE!! Her own handbag line!No word yet to what its going to be called but so far its going to be sold in stores John Lewis and Debenhams in London. The two bags shown above are the first two photos of the new collection, while the rest is being kept a secret until the launch on July 2nd. The collection is rumored to feature the flower design hand drawn by Mischa herself, lots of snake skin and a lot of leather. I always have my doubts when actresses tries to design, but with Mischa Barton’s quirky style and usually, excellent taste in bags. I’m certainly hopeful! What do you think?!

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