Thursday, September 18, 2008

Jean Paul Gaultier Satin Boxing Shopper


If the season’s anthem is color, and my personal goal is to stay fit despite a busier-by-the-minute schedule, I’m thinking that certain purchases may start to make sense at this moment when otherwise they wouldn’t even be considered. What I mean is this: Jean Paul Gaultier can design a mean cone bra, but his handbags generally make me cringe. Yet here I am, intrigued by this Satin Boxing Shopper because of its up-front nod to boxing and its judicious use of vibrant purple. The elastic band opening is cheesy at best and the Gaultier logo plate is awful, but the royal hue keeps the bag afloat and even makes it kind of attractive. I’ll be damned if I’m going to spend $680 on something I don’t truly love, but this purse has got me thinking that it’s high time to invest in those cute pink boxing gloves I saw over at Everlast. Those, at least, will keep me in great shape - and get my mind off of even considering this crazy bag that, most likely, I’ll only carry once anyway. Available for $680 at

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