Friday, September 19, 2008

Mary-Kate Olsen’s Furry Purse? (2nd opinion)


You have to give Mary-Kate Olsen credit. It’s not easy to conceal the fact that you’re wearing hideous moccasin-style ankle boots, but, yep, carrying a Michelle Tanner-sized chincilla fur handbag will do it. This leather-trimmed furball comes courtesy of the SPCA. Kidding, kidding. It’s from designer (and the latest entry on PETA’s s%*@ list, no doubt) Leonello Borghi. On the one hand, the purse does complement the fur collar on Mary-Kate’s Margot Tennenbaum coat. On the other hand, ummmmmmm, let’s see….it’s a fur pelt with a handle (or is that a leash?).

What do you think? Is MK’s handbag totally fierce, or totally grotesque? And has it been spayed?

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