Friday, September 19, 2008

MCM Boston Patent Duffel



This duffel bag is of the nicer variety, and not exactly the type you’d carry to the gym. The MCM Boston Patent Duffel is super glossy and hot. It’s modern in both design and material, and would look great with all of the beige that retailers will be stocking for spring. The seams and hardware add a little pizazz to the bag without overpowering the patent leather. It’s a pretty roomy handbag, making it great for travel or work. The only thing is you’ll want to be careful with this purse: patent can scuff it’s left in one position too long (i.e. set against another piece of patent), so be sure you store it in it’s dust bag, while stuffed with tissue to keep it looking pristine. The MCM Boston Patent Duffel retails for $1,150 at

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