Friday, September 19, 2008

Fendi Hair Hide Fringe Handbag


Considering this design, I’m inclined to believe Fendi is under the impression that they have a free pass this year to just go nuts thanks to all of this year’s bold, adventurous trends. As if they didn’t do that last year! To Fendi’s credit, they have been somewhat normal again in recent months, so I suppose one slip-up can be forgiven. That’s quite generous, given the heinousness of this Hair Hide Fringe Bag. Yet again we’re all forced to ask what the heck they were thinking. It actually wouldn’t be so bad without the multicolored fringe trim - a simple black and white purse is always fairly chic. True to form, though, the purse goes overboard and the result is something that can best be described as crazy. Available to pre-order for $5420 at Neiman Marcus.

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