Friday, September 19, 2008

Name That Designer Purse: Eva Longoria


Desperate Housewives” is finally back, so we can expect to see a lot more of Eva Longoria and her teeny-tiny ensembles. In this pic the starlet pairs a strapless peach dress (or is that just a slip she’s hiked up a few inches?) with a bright blue bowler-style handbag whose designer I just can’t place. I love the color (blue + peach = very Santa Fe), and the gold chain link strap is gorgeous, but I still think the purse is too hefty for a petite princess like Eva. And her flimsy, barely there dress calls for a more lightweight bag, like a small shoulder bag or clutch. And what’s up with those bug-eyed sunglasses? Was Elton John having a yard sale?

Back to the purse…can anyone name the designer?

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