Friday, September 19, 2008

Lanvin Pise Sac


Sometimes I wonder if the heads of elegant and legacy designer Lanvin have a twisted sense of humor… or in this case (pun somewhat intended) they simply dropped the ‘ball’. Is this pouchy and flesh colored handbag really named the “Pise Sac“??? Seriously people, what are you trying to say here? Did the handcrafting Italian sewers giggle as they stitched this bag together? The soft grained leather meticulously chosen to accentuate its silhouette? Maybe I’m just getting ‘testy’ today… Did the merchandisers of this brand anticipate that sophisticated women of the world would flock to pay $2160 for this purse as some kind feminist power statement perhaps? Readers, you be the judge and let me know…

$2,160 at Barneys

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