Friday, September 19, 2008

Kelly Ripa carries the new YSL Majorelle


I’ll admit it: there was a time when Kelly Ripa’s popularity had me dumbfounded. But in recent years, I’ve taken a special liking to her and not just because she is a fellow New Yorker and seems to be a genuine sweetheart, but also because of her shoe collection. Reportedly, Kelly has a $50,000 shoe allowance, which makes me completely envious — and I’m no shoe-collector slouch! Even more recently, Kelly’s been spotted about town with some of the latest and greatest on her arm. Case in point: this hot, hot, hot Yves Saint Laurent Majorelle in a gorgeous midnight color. Here, Kelly’s running some errands with her children, Starbucks in hand. While Kelly looks casual and comfortable, the YSL Majorelle adds a classic, finished touch to her ensemble. You can find the Majorelle at in a delicious berry color and basic black, for $1,395.

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