Thursday, September 18, 2008

Luxe For Less: Sales, sales, sales!

I pine, I dream, I plan for the Net-a-Porter sale and it’s finally here! Yesterday, while I was supposed to be 1) working and 2) scouring the internet and writing up this second installment of Luxe For Less, I was shamefully oooohing, ahhhhing and clicking away at NAP’s offerings. While I’ve since relinquished my credit cards to my much more sale-stoic BF for safekeeping, I’m happy to report that there are still designer handbag bargains to be had! My pickings at NAP:

This Vivienne Westwood Gloucester Lapin Bowling Bag for $1,460.

I kid, I kid! I’ve lost my self-respect this sale season, not my mind! In case you’re not sure how I feel about this bag, read my previous review.

This Jimmy Choo Mona Large Tote.


While many of us are familiar with Jimmy Choo’s fantastically chic and uberly sexy stiletto heels, his foray into handbags has been a little less well-received. The Ramona garnered followers but his later bag designs lacked the same break through. This Mona Large Tote offers up the same aesthetic sense that made Choo the household name he is: strong lines with an undeniable femininity. In a classic tote shape, this Mona Tote will lend itself to practicality, without sacrificing appeal. But wait! You didn’t mistake those zippers for mere ornamentation, did you? In a pinch, this tote unzips down the middle to reveal a roomier, more fabulous self. Genius! At the original price of $1,995, it was an investment. At the lower, NAP sale price of $1,396, it’s still an investment, but you’ll feel less bad! ;o)

Also at the NAP sale, this Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Butterfly Clutch


Of the major handbag designers, Bottega Veneta is arguably the most unassuming and under-appreciated. I find that fans of Bottega love the cache that comes with carrying a bag only recognizable to other fans, and will keep coming back to the designer for more timeless pieces. There’s a reason: the leather used by Bottega Veneta for pieces such as the one I’m recommending is buttery, rich and heavenly sumptuous. Touch a Bottega Veneta bag and you’ll understand what I’m talking about — there are just no words. Couple that with impeccable workmanship and elegant, timeless designs and you’ll glimpse the reason for Bottega’s following. A great way to discover a designer’s potential without mortgaging your home? Small leather goods! This clutch in the signature woven design, will serve many purposes (evening purse, Sunday brunch clutch, makeup bag) and will last you forever… and turn you into a Bottega convert. Trust me. Originally $770 (worth every penny! One of my favorite clutches is a 10 year old BV one!) but a steal at $385!

Of course, when one retailer has a sale, many follow. Nordstrom is one such place. My pick from their very limited selection:
This Juicy Couture Link All Night Hobo


I’m not normally a Juicy Couture fan, but this bag has the makings of a classic — shocker for JC! While I can’t vouch for their quality personally, I’ve heard that their bags do stand up to mid-range snuff. So I’m going out on a limb and recommending this classic hobo. Stark white may not seem practical but it actually is a sound investment — it coordinates with most other colors but provides a very tailored, chic contrast. The gold toned links add a little more depth and eye interest. At 40% off the original price of $395, this $236 bag may be worth the risk.

And lastly, this Marc Jacobs Striping Tote


I realize I brought you a Marc Jacobs recommendation in last week’s Luxe for Less, but this deal is so good, I couldn’t not recommend it. This is the Marc Jacobs Striping Tote, launched in late 2005-early 2006. It remains one of the most coveted lines by Marc Jacobs. Personally, I think it may be his best line and own more than a handful of pieces from it. While the Hudson, a satchel, was the most popular from the Striping Line, this Tote may be the least recognized. It is a medium-large handbag that may be carried as a satchel, a tote or a messenger with the detachable strap. I find this design very practical and wish I had picked it up when it was still available. Long discontinued, this tote rarely pops up on eBay, and never in this condition. And never at this unbelievable price! This bag passes my own smell test on authenticity. Pick it up at just $545 BIN!

As always, if you’re looking for something in particular that you think I might be able to help with, drop me a line in the comments. Check back next Tuesday for my Luxe for Less picks! Happy shopping!

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