Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Erin’s Weekend Pick: Dining with Daddy


This Sunday is Father’s Day, which means you might want to put your Saturday night bar-hopping plans on ice until next weekend. If you think your typical hangover is bad, try enduring the Day-After Death while defending your choices of career, boyfriend, and apartment with mom and pop in some brightly lit booth at Red Lobster.

Unless your pops is, say, Ozzie Osborne or Joe Simpson, you might also want to play it safe style-wise too. Avoiding low cuts and lots of skin can help you steer clear of any Angela-Chase-in-the-hallway moments. This ASOS Frill Sleeve Belted Tier Hem Dress is perfect; it’s trendy and fun, but ‘conservative’ and girly enough to coast through a church service and brunch with the ‘rents.

Bag-wise, you need something cute, but unassuming - how do you expect Daddy to fork over some play money if Mom’s tipped him off that you’re clearly solvent enough to be toting a Fendi? This sweet little Marc by Marc Jacobs Lovely Clutch (on sale for $175 at Eluxury!) should do the trick with its simple but stylish white topstitched leather. Bonus: Your annual gift of a tie will fit juuuuuust right.



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