Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Luxe for Less: Time to Head to the Beach!

It is scorching in New York City. Every single year, right when the mercury hits 95, I ask myself why I haven’t hit the lottery yet. You know, the one that would allow me to summer on a yacht, traveling the world, away from the rancid smells of festering New York City. Believe me, you haven’t experienced unpleasantness until you’re standing at a New York City crosswalk, willing the light to change so that you can get away from the trash bins that house rapidly rotting who-knows-what with the aid of the heat and humidity. Take my word for it: if you visit New York, try to go in the spring or fall. Alas, I don’t even play the lottery so the best I can do is wait for the one week during the summer when I get to escape to my little seaside townhouse in Cape Cod. Until then, I seek respite from the heat by shopping for my dream Nice/Morocco/Mediterranean post-lottery cruise beach wear.

Of course, post-lottery, I’d spring for the ultimate beach bag: The Emilio Pucci Sundial Canvas Beach Bag.

Nothing says ‘Life of Leisure’ or “Bring me my cosmo, Cabana Boy” like the quintessential Pucci swirls. In sunny colors like the yellows and oranges of this bag, it’s the perfect contrast against the blue sea of my imaginary, post-lottery Mediterranean cruise. For those who indeed have won the lottery (or are better at saving), Net-a-Porter offers this bag at $795.

Instead, Luxe for Less guru that I am, I’d suggest this Emilio Pucci tote:
Instead of the light, sunny colors of the Sundial print, go for the tropical, saturated pinks and corals of this Pucci tote. I’d pair this with a bold bikini top and easy, breezy white linen pants, Jimmy Choo sandals, and fabulously large and dark sunnies and head down to the beach. With the money you’ll save, maybe you can afford that Cabana Boy after all… or at least more cosmos. The Buy-It-Now price is $199, and it passes my authentication muster.

Of course, if you’d rather pocket the money and spend even less on a beach bag, I suggest this Land’s End See Through Polka Dotted Tote:

And before you even ask, yes, people in New York City do occasionally order from Land’s End, this beach bag being a primary example. It’s large enough to tote all your beach essentials, and won’t break the bank at just $39.50. Available in Aqua, Pink and Navy through

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