Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heidi Montag Loses the Hermes; Spencer Gets to Stay


Looks like Heidi Montag had to return her beloved Hermes Kelly purse to the good folks at Bag, Borrow or Steal (I keed, I keed). While the Hermes is on ice, Heidi’s showing off a seasonally appropriate bright blue Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag.


The handbag (pretty as it is) doesn’t do much for Heidi’s not-so-coordinated outfit of white jeans, a gray sleeveless top, and a bright orange scarf, but it does really complement the blue in Spencer’s shirt, don’t you think? And vying for the Pursie for Best Accessory Performance in a Supporting Role is a Louis Vuitton monogrammed wallet…nice.

Photo from PopSugar.com.

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