Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Butler Bag



If organization isn’t exactly your strong suit - maybe your car’s trunk doubles as a storage closet because your real storage closet is floor-to-ceiling with who-knows-what - you may be in need of the Butler Bag (and a real butler, too, but that’s another post). Designed by all-around clever gal Jen Groover, the bag intends to be the epitome of function while still being as stylish as anything you’d drool over at Neiman Marcus. While that may be up for debate, there’s no denying the fact that the Butler Bag is insanely sensible. The inside is loaded with compartments that essentially provide room for everything from wallets and laptops to water bottles and magazines.

The Classic collection ($125) is just the right size for everyday use. Not too large and not too small, it keeps everything in its place with thoughtful attention to design. On the other hand, the Hybrid collection ($165) is ideal for the gal about town who carries a compartmentalized version of her life in her handbag (you know who you are). Need your laptop on you at all times? This holds most 10 inch versions. Throw your lunch, planner, electronics and everything else inside, too. The bag will be heavy, but you’ll never spend hours digging around for your things again. Who knows? Maybe it will even inspire you to clean out that storage closet.

Browse the entire collection, including the new fashion-forward Bouture line, here.

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Anonymous said...

I have three of these handbags! I love them! Once I got used to having all of my things organized inside my handbag, I could not get myself to switch back to my other handbags (and they are Coach bags too)! I highly recommend that people try this handbag!